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2005 ... The Ultimate Top 10 ...

The Ultimate Top 10 for the year 2005 ...
Extracted from the Chicago Tribune which features an article from the Los Angeles Times ...
The Rolling Stones makes the Biggest Bang ...

Combining: sales of concert tickets and from album
- Concert grosses [tabulated by Pollstar magazine]
- Album sales [monitored by Nielson ScoundSacn]...

[1] The Rolling Stone: $168 millions
Concert - $162 m & CD sale - $6 m
“A Bigger Bang” tour, with tickets about $450 and average ticket sale price of about $134.They shattered their own record of $121.2 m in 1994

[2] U2: 149.7 millions
Concert Ticket sales = $138.9 m & CD- 11 m
U2 sold more tickets in North America than any other act last year – 1.4 million; with Dave Matthews band in second place at 1.21 m tickets.
Album name is “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb”.
Average ticket price was $96.92

[3] Kenny Chesney: $109.3 m
The singer-songwriter had tough year on marital front with annulment of his marriage to actress Renee Zellweger. But his popular concerts and two albums topped the pop-charts and he vaulted over classic rockers as Paul McCartney & the eagles; even though both toured heavily last year.

[4] Green Day: $84.7m
Tour: $34.8m & CD sale: 50m
Album: “The I” & “Bullet in A Bible”
Average ticket price = $38.07

[5] The Eagles: $84.4 m
Concert = $78.4 m & CD - $6 m
“The Very Best of The Eagles” sold 460,000 copies to make 6 m worth
Average ticket price: $108

[6] Paul McCartney: $83.2 m
Concerts- $77.3 m & CD sales – 5.85 m
Album:” Chaos and Creation in the Backyard” generated some enthusiastic reviews.
Average ticket price: $135.46.

[7] Celine Dion: $81.3 m
All her income was from ticket sales from her 155 shows.
Average ticket price: $136.04

[8] 50 Cents: $78.6 m
Concert: $ 4.7 m & album sales:$63.1 m
Album: “The Massacre”
Average ticket price: $64.03.

[9] Dave Matthews Band: $74.3 m
Tours: $57 m & album: $17.3m
Album: “Stand Up”
Average ticket price = 47.09

[10] Elton John: $65.8
Like Celine Dion he didn’t release any album last year, so all his income came from concert tickets.
Average ticket price: $102.46.

Mariah Carey, was the queen of record stroes with 5 m sold copies of her album “The emancipation of Mimi” , and generating about $65 m; assuming average $13 per unit price of CD. However this did not help her figure in the Top 10 List!


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